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Let the creativity flow and do its wonders!

Have you ever struggled with explaining and promoting your brand’s proposal efficiently? And that too with a gripping message? When you’ve felt a strong foreboding that words and logos won’t be sufficient enough in the long run? Well, there is a lucrative solution to overcome such a worrisome situation!

We bring together your ideas and the marketing strategies that will help you get to the destined mark. We formulate all the necessary information by creating a business content that involves the dynamic blend of story, art and motion. Hence, creating an animated video!

At Melbourne Designs, you get to work with highly skilled and talented animators who will not only understand your business idea but guide you through the technical process; simplifying and providing an understanding of the procedure. Every video made at Melbourne Designs is structurally emphasized to promote a distinctive business idea each and every single time!

A Hub of Top-Notch Animated Videos

Melbourne designs is a premier animated video production company established to deliver quality animation. We bring to you a range of explainer videos production in Australia taking your brand performance to sky heights. At Melbourne Designs, you get to experience immersive and utterly appealing videos that deliver core messages efficiently.

We cover the broad categories of explainer videos that show individual traits and features. Our services are targeted to customer’s needs and preferences. We incorporate the brand identity and make sure to interact with target audience belonging to far off regions. With the compelling animated videos created by our professionals, we promise to boost your rate of conversion and online visibility.

01 Accomplished Team of Animators

We have an in-house team of skilled animators with an extensive hands on experience in Animation. Their commitment to creating unique content every time is what makes us the best in the industry!

02Value Savings

Our accommodating packages not only come at competitive rates while providing value savings, but also our services deliver the committed 100% satisfaction!

03Higher Results As Promised

It is a proven fact that premium animated videos have boosted businesses in the long run. At Melbourne Designs, we have ensured more than 200% of growth in sales with our creative, high-results yielding content!

Our Outstanding Portfolio

We take an integrated approach to creating highly engaging digital properties & brand focused creative solutions. We believe in providing highly creative and exclusive brand identities giving your business an edge over its competitors.

Complete Design Packages
that go easy on the pocket!

Kick off the journey by consulting our experts at Melbourne Designs. And getting yourself a package that not only suits your needs but offers you competitive price value!


Video Package AUD 1330
  • 30 Sec. Duration
  • Script Creation
  • Storyboard Conceptualization
  • Storyboard Designing
  • Voice-over
  • Animation & Sound Effect
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Video Package AUD 2660
  • 60 Sec. Duration
  • Script Creation
  • Storyboard Conceptualization
  • Characters Modelling
  • Voice-over
  • Animation & Sound Effect
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Video Package AUD 3990
  • 90 Sec. Duration
  • Script Creation
  • Storyboard Conceptualization
  • Characters Modelling
  • Voice-over
  • Animation & Sound Effect
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Video Package AUD 5320
  • 120 Sec. Duration
  • Script Creation
  • Storyboard Conceptualization
  • Characters Modelling
  • Voice-over
  • Animation & Sound Effect
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Branding Solution

- Logo

  • Unlimited Concepts
  • Unlimited Revisions

- Website

  • 2 Concepts
  • Unlimited Pages

- Stationery

  • 3 Concepts
  • Unlimited Revisions

- Brochure

  • 3 Concepts with Unlimited
  • Color Options
  • Unlimited Revisions

- Banner

  • 2 Concepts of any Standard Size
  • Unlimited Revisions

- Social Media Design

  • Any 3 of Your Choice (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube)


Our Treasure Trove of Happy Clients!

We strongly believe that our success is determined by our clients’ progression. How big they make, has a huge direct impact on our company’s direction and the course of its future. We cherish each and every customer that we serve, promising 100% customer satisfaction invariably!

Alexa Smith

“I was quite ill-informed of the latest trends of the marketing world. Melbourne Designs mentored and helped me with revamping my website. Not only did they help me with their expertise, but have very well increased my knowledge of the IT industry in general!”

Katherine Weber

“It is very tricky business to hire a graphic designer to design your business’ logo, or other digital artwork. It may turn out as a total waste of time and money, or worse, a complete disaster! But Melbourne Designs catered to all my queries very professionally and got me made a brilliant branding platform!”

Chad Radford

“Branding is not an easy child’s play! It demands a lot of thinking and strategy, and Melbourne Designs made sure that I was on the right track. As being a young entrepreneur their team of consultants and project managers simplified the whole process. It was a treasured experience to work and start my venture collaborating with them.”

Frank Deaton

“Melbourne Designs has helped us the best with redesigning our website. They not only reduced its loading time by implementing the right technology but also ensured that it is attractive and easy-to-use. Highly recommend them if you are looking for great output.”

Patrick Kermode

“Melbourne Designs is a highly skilled team with an eye for details. We got exactly what we wanted. The project management and communication works really well through the online project tools and the dedicated project manager did a great job keeping things together. Looking forward to the next collaboration!”

Frances F. Cobb

“Branding your company is a massive task. I contacted a few companies but didn’t feel connected to any. I didn’t see the investment from their side in my corporate logo. With Melbourne Designs, it was entirely different; they understood and made a distinct and a beautiful logo for me.”

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