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Logos are an indispensable element in the corporate identity of companies. The logo materializes the company. Indeed, it gives it an identity that allows consumers to identify it. In other words, the logo is the mirror of the company. Thus, it ensures the positioning of the company on a given market. The good logo contributes to the notoriety of a company. A company can build its reputation through its logo.

But do you know the impact of good logos towards your brand image? Let’s discuss it down below in detail.

Increase the Brand Awareness of Your Organization

By choosing a striking and unique logo you increase the brand awareness of your organization. Your logo immediately stands out among the logos of competitors. A unique logo will usually stick around longer!

In a logo you do not have to describe exactly what you offer people. It is much more important to be unique. For example, look at the logos of Nike or Apple. These logos do not say exactly what the  for Hotel IndustryIncompany offers. Instead of combining a symbol with your company name, you could also choose one of the two elements.

Make People Feel Involved In Your Company

Another reason to choose a unique logo is the possibility to make people feel involved in your company. It goes without saying that not only the logo has an influence on this. Also consider the way in which you market a brand and the target group you are trying to address.

In order to optimize the sense of involvement, it is crucial that your target audience feels addressed by the logo. The right choice of color and the choice of the right font are important here.

When potential customers first get to know your company, they will often be the first to see the logo. The logo returns in an advertisement, on the website, social media and other advertisements. Customers will recognize your company by the logo and they will immediately get a certain impression. It is important that your logo makes the right impression on potential customers. A logo is more than just a picture.

What Does A Good Logo Meet?

What criteria should a good logo meet? A logo must be timeless. You only have a logo designed once and continue to build on it for the corporate identity and website. That is why it is important that the logo should be timeless and lasts a long time. In addition, recognition is indispensable for a logo. The potential customers do not have to have seen anything yet, but as soon as they see the logo, they recognize the logo. This gives a familiar feeling and a bit of recognition.

Transferring Atmosphere

Potential customers will see your logo and immediately get a certain feeling about it. It is important that the right atmosphere is conveyed and that the customer gets a good feeling about your logo. Something that can deter customers is a messy logo. This may be because many different elements have been incorporated into the logo and this way you come across as unclear and unclear. One way to avoid this is to keep the logo simple. By means of simplicity you make it easier for customers to remember your logo and that in turn ensures that it becomes a trusted logo for customers. They recognize it quickly and are more likely to choose your company.

Do you need a remarkable logo for your company or organization? Do you own a hotel business and need an affordable Hotel Industry Logo Design? Do not worry about it! We are here to help you out. Our experts can create you a logo that effectively showcase your business to your customers and viewers.

Need Help Designing A Company Logo?

We have already been able to help many companies design their logos. Do you also need help designing a logo for your hotel or Logo Design for hotel Industry? Or do you have any questions after reading this article?

Renew Logo

When designing or restyling a logo, our Melbourne Logo Designer looks at the marketing mix.Your identity is presented in the best possible way by examining all relevant aspects. Based on your product, market position, appearance and goal. We know how to give your identity the ideal shape.

Logo Within Budget

Sometimes it is necessary to use an action logo for a new product or service to be launched. Despite a cursory or a budget-dependent commitment, turning to our Melbourne Logo Designer is the right option for you.

Logo, brand identity and brand image are three different things, but they are strongly linked. Every company or brand has its own identity and core values that they stand for. This is very different from an image. An image is how others see your brand or company.

Opting Color for Logo Design

Choosing a color for a future logo is an important and serious process even if you need it for your brochure or Website design for Hotel Industry. Under the selected color, the logo will become recognizable and its perception will connect positive emotions in the viewer, wherever an advertisement for your product and service is encountered.

In order not to be mistaken in choosing a color for the logo, you need to pay attention to the target audience for which the company is created. In other words, the choice of color depends on the target audience. In this case, the color will give a signal of action not only to lovers of a certain color, but also to very interested customers in your circle of activities.

Let’s take a look on the colors of logo and what each color describes and which color to choose when preparing a logo for hotel business or Logo Design for hotel Industry.

The White

White is the sum of all colors in terms of additive synthesis. It is perfect and symbolizes light, faith, ideal, goodness, beginning, novelty, cleanliness, purity, innocence, modesty, truth, neutrality, intelligence, science and precision – but it also represents emptiness and the unknown, abandonment, sterility. All hygienic elements are white.


Blue symbolizes relaxation, results, sympathy, confidence, kindness, reliability, expansiveness, leisure, harmony, satisfaction, calm, silence, passivity, infinity, cleanliness, hope, fusion, intelligence, science, conservation, desire, imagination, courage, sporting character – but it also evokes cold, freshness, thoughtlessness, neglect, stubbornness, naivety, satisfaction or melancholy. Blue is the coldest color in the spectrum.


Yellow represents the Sun, light, maturity, warmth, clarity, planning, law, optimism, push forward, sensitivity, luxury, joy of life, freshness, good humor , kindness, change and extroversion – but it also evokes vanity, presumption, arrogance, envy, jealousy, avarice, selfishness, lies, uncertainty, absence of emotions, as well as bitterness and venom-


The Red

Red evokes vitality, joy, activity, energy, dynamism, temperament, impulsiveness, heat, passion, temptation, awakening, the will to conquer, the taste for action, eccentricity and vigor – but also overwork, danger, violence. This color is pretty good for Hotel Logo Designs.

The Green

Green symbolizes endurance, freshness tenacity, relaxation, nature, vegetation, naturalness, calm, generosity, health, confidence; it seems’ extroverted, cheerful, regenerative, complete and neutral – but also suggests indecision, laziness and an impersonal attitude.


Black indicates resistance, sobriety, impenetrability, obscurity, functionality; it seems dramatic, mysterious, reserved, and serious but also symbolizes heaviness, trouble, sadness, negation, isolation, constriction, pessimism and despair. Black is not a color; it is achromatic.


Gray indicates neutrality, sincerity, objectivity, functionality, simplicity – but also negativity, uncertainty, coldness, lack of commitment, the inconsolable and misery.

It is best to use no more than four base colors if you are making a Custom Hotel Logo Design for your hotel business. A small amount of matching colors is more effective than too many different colors.

Shape and Type of Logo Designs

It’s time to get your logo that will symbolize your business to your future customers. It is therefore essential to make the right choice whether you create a visual identity for your brand or create Website design for Hotel Industry.


logotype logo

The graphic design of the logotypes is based entirely on the typography. However, the full name of the company is used in such a logo. Some brands have become unforgettable thanks to their distinctive logo shape. You can choose this shape or type when your company name is short and distinct.



A pictogram is a schematic graphic representation, recognizable at a glance. It can be an icon or a simplified schematic drawing.Once the company is well established, the emblem becomes immediately identifiable by consumers and its representation can be reduced to an image.

Abstract logos


It is a pictogram logo, but instead of having a universally recognizable shape, it has an abstract visual. The advantages will be the same as for the pictogram logo, with the added freedom of creation!When to choose an abstract logo?When you want to symbolically express what your company offers, without bringing into play the cultural implications linked to a specific image.

Combined Logos

As its name says, this logo consists of a typo and a pictogram. The two chosen elements can be placed one on top of the other, next to, or one above the other.When to choose a combined logo?This is what most companies choose. These logos are versatile, generally unique and more easily recognized by your customers.

Making a colorful, noticeable layout is just part of the job. The main task of the Custom Hotel Logo Design in Melbourne by experts is to influence the viewer, induce action, evoke positive emotions and reaction of the action, and appeal to the company by means of design perception.

As being a leading logo creation agency, we help startups and small companies create professional logos for branding products and services. Already hundreds of thousands of start-up businesses around the world, from coffee shops and pizzerias to shops and photo studios, have made a corporate identity for themselves collaborating with our Custom Logo Designers for Hotels. Use our service to develop a corporate identity, and use the saved time and money to develop your business!

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