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Logo Design for Hotel industry The Impact of Logo Design Towards Customer’s Brand Image Perception: A Guide of Logo Shapes And Colors in The Hotel Industry
Thursday 10th September, 2020

Logos are an indispensable element in the corporate identity of companies. The logo materializes the company. Indeed, it gives it an identity that allows consumers to identify it. In other words, the logo is the mirror of the company. Thus, it ensures the positioning of the company on a given market. The good logo contributes […]

How Can Logo Design Influence The Success Of Your Brand? How Can Logo Design Influence The Success Of Your Brand?
Monday 17th August, 2020

The success and failure of a business are deciphered through how rapidly it creates numbers and how effectively it penetrates into the mind of its customers. It is the art of companies to affiliate and attract people to their brands and make them take ownership of it. There are multiple strategically designed marketing activities, which […]